FLASH AR Account Advanced Settings

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Advanced Tab Overview

The Advanced account tab has account billing and PARCS settings that can be toggled on or off and applied to the account and all linked parkers.

Late Fees 

Automatic late fees can be enabled per account but they must first be set up by FLASH Support. The late-day and late-fee charge types are set per location.


Require Vehicles

By default, accounts are set to require vehicle information. You can click Off to disable the requirement if vehicle info isn't needed for the operation. This setting is only available at the account level.


Contract Billing

Contract Billing is an alternative invoicing method that allows tiered allotments per rate code. With Contract Billing, the rate code doesn't need to be linked to the individual parkers. The recurring invoice is created by the number of linked parkers and the set capacity per tier and rate code. In the example screenshot below, the categories Monthly Parking and Non-Tenant are available, to add additional categories refer to CATEGORIES.


The PARCS section has the options below.


Account Pass Status

  • Activate All: Enables all parkers on account credentials for use.
  • Deactivate All: Disables all parkers on account credentials for use.


Auto Deactivate for Non-Payment

  • On: Parker credentials are automatically disabled if the invoice isn't paid by the location due date. The account holder receives an email notification if the account is disabled due to non-payment.
  • Off: Late payments won't automatically affect pass status.


Late Fee on Kiosk (only affects parkers set to Account Setting)

  • On: Enables late fee enforcement for all parkers on account set to Account Setting.
  • Off: Disables late fee enforcement for all parkers on account set to Account Setting.
Late Fee on Kiosk applies to nested area enforcement set up the FLASH Admin portal. If monthly parkers exit a parking area out side of the allowed times, an late fee can occur at the exit kiosk. 


Allow Passback (only affects parkers set to Account Setting)

  • On: Enables allow passback for all account parkers on the account. Allow passback bypasses the passback sequence rule. 
  • Off: (Default) Disables allow passback for all parkers on the account.


Pool Name (only affects parkers set to Account Setting)

  •  Update Pool Name. 

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