FLASH PARCS: Set Monthly Parkers to Neutral

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 06:42 PM

Monthly Accounts set to follow the industry standard passback rules, may become out of sync with the required one entry followed by one exit sequence. This requires setting the individual account to neutral or a mass reset of all affected accounts can be applied. This tutorial covers how to perform these actions in the FLASH Admin Portal.

Mass Reset

In the case, a gate is left up and multiple monthly parkers enter and exit the parking facility without registering their monthly credential at the kiosk, applying a mass reset of monthly accounts to avoid egress and ingress traffic disruption is recommended. Monthly account neutral status is achieved by soft closing current issued monthly tickets and granting a free exit.

Step 1. 

Soft Close Tickets

Soft closing monthly account tickets removes a monthly parker's entry from the Issued or Open Tickets count. This allows the parker’s next action to be an entry, regardless of their most recent action. When a monthly account's entry is soft closed and the parker's vehicle is still present in the facility, the system will reopen the ticket and process the parker's exit normally.

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select Locations on the left menu > Location.

3. Select the Clean Up Tickets tab on the top menu.

4. Select the Monthly Ticket Type in the drop-down menu.

5. Select a date on the Issued Before Date calendar.

6. Click Search.

7. Select the intended monthly tickets to soft close and click Soft Close Selected Tickets.

Softclosing Tickets automatically reduces the occupancy count and will increase the Adjustment amount. View the Occupancy article for more information. 

Step 2. 

Grant Free Exits

Granting a free exit allows the monthly parkers' next action to be an exit regardless of whether they have an entry record. The Free Exits only apply to the monthly accounts where an exit is a next action and a previous entry is not on record. Monthly accounts in passback sequence will not be granted an extra free exit.

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Locations tab on the left menu and choose a location.

3. Select Grant Free Exit to All Accounts.

Set Individual Accounts to Neutral

Individual accounts can also be set to neutral as needed. Resetting to Neutral will process a soft close if the monthly has an active entry and provide a free exit for the individual account if their next action is an exit. This is considered a neutral state. 

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Monthly tab.

3. On the Accounts page, search for and select the monthly account to view details.

4. Select Reset to Neutral.

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