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FLASH offers over 200 downable reports available in xls or pdf format. Reports can be manually generated and downloaded or can be set up on Schedule to automatically be emailed to your email address. The reports are listed in alphabetical order with an option to search for a report by keyword.

Report Seach by Report Name

Generate a Report

To generate a report, follow the steps below.

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left menu, click Reports.

3. Choose a report from the list.

4. Select a Location and choose from the Date Range options.

5.  Click Submit or use the Email to Me to receive the report via email. 

6. The report will appear in the Your Reports section as the data is compiled. Once the Status reads Complete, select the row to open the report. 

Date Range Options

The list of downloadable reports will have a Date Range option. Based on the type of data being generated the report will have either a Right Now, Single Date, or Date Range option. 

Right Now: The Right Now date range option provides real-time data so there will not be a date range selection drop-down. 

Single Date: The Single Date option allows the report to be generated for one day only. Today, Yesterday, or a specific date in the past are the options. 

Date Range:  Date Range offer multiple options to pull reporting data for a specific date or multiple days.

Please note some reports will have Date Range limitations. To avoid a data overload on the reporting server. Most Detail reports will have a range of one month or one week. 

  • Today: Generates data from the operating window time to right now. 
  • Yesterday: Previous date based on the operating window.
  • Past 7 Days: Previous 7 days.
  • Current MTD: From the 1st of the month to right now. 
  • Past 30 Days: Previous 30 days.
  • Specific Date: Specific date in the past. 
  • Date Range: A two calendar pop-up to select the start date and end date. 

Report Filter Options 

Most reports will have additional filtering options before generating the report. The filter and sort options will differ based on which report was selected. 

Logical Zones

Logical Zones can be configured for PARCS-enabled FLASH locations. Typically they are set up when there are physically separate parking facilities or areas under one location.  

By default, All Logical Zones will be selected so the report will include data from all Logical Zones associated with the selected Location on one report. 

  • Every Logical Zone: Generates a separate report for each Logical Zone.
  • Specified Logical Zone: Generates a report for the selected Logical Zone only. 


A kiosk is a FLASH PARCS kiosk or could be a cashier or valet payment station. The Kiosk filter option defaults to All Kiosks to include all configured kiosks for the location.

  • Every Kiosk: Generates a separate report for each Kiosk.
  • Specified Kiosk: Generates a report for the selected Kiosk only. 

Parking Type 

The Parking Type refers to FLASH Products with the options FLASH PARCS, FLASH Valet, or FLASH Mobile. If the location is using multiple FLASH Products for one location, the report can filter out data per product.


Some Transactional reports will have the Prices filter option. 

Not all data point are included as a report filtering option. We recommend generating the xls version of reports and using the Excel filter to sort other data points.

To learn more about Report Scheduling continue here!

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