FLASH PARCS: Membership Accounts Overview

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The membership module must first be enabled by FLASH Support please contact our Support team to turn on the Membership software module.

FLASH PARCS offers a Membership module similar to the Monthly Parking setup but the accounts are registered as Membership accounts. Instead of a fixed monthly parking rate, the Member is charged every time they use the parking facility. Membership parkers can use all the same available monthly parker credentials to access the parking facility.

How Membership Works

1. Member enters the gated parking facility with the provided credential, issuing a Membership ticket and initiating the parking duration. 

2. At the exit the member parker provides the access credential (automatic detection if using AVI or LPR). 

3. The member pays for the parking duration. Depending on the Membership Setting the following will happen: 

  • Auto Reload - the amount is deducted from the available account balance.
  • Charge Every Time - If a credit card is on file, the card is automatically charged. No card on file the kiosk prompts for payment. 

Membership Set Up

Before creating an active Membership Account, there are a few set-up procedures to be followed. 

1. Create a Membership Setting (once created can be shared among member accounts)

2. Create a Profile (only required for specified member pricing and/or restricted day/time access)

3. Create the Membership Account

  • Link setting and profile
  • Add Credit Card 
  • Add Credential info

Each Membership Account will require a Membership Setting to be linked, the Setting type determines how the Member will be charged for their parking duration. A Membership Setting is always required for a Membership Account. 

Membership Setting Types

Membership Settings determine how the Member pays for parking. There are three types of Membership settings:

Continue here for Membership Setting setup instructions.  

Auto Reload:

Requires a credit card on file with a loaded balance. Members are automatically charged at the kiosk and the amount is deducted from the account balance. If the account balance falls below the specified Reload Threshold, the credit card on file will be automatically charged the Reload Limit amount. This amount is added to the account balance.

Charge Every Time: 

The kiosk automatically charges the credit card on the member account. If the card is declined or was never added, the parker will be prompted to pay with another card at the exit kiosk. 

Not on Account:

Not on Account Setting Members must always make a direct payment at a kiosk. No credit cards are added to their account for automatic charging. This setting type is technically not needed because Charge Every Time defaults to the same function if no credit card is added to the account. 


Profile Setup 

Membership Accounts can also use Profiles to set access Restrictions and specify a set member price separate from the Standard Transient rate. Profiles are not required for Membership accounts if there are not any restrictions or a separate Member rate.

Continue here for Membership Profile set up.  

Membership Account Creation

Membership accounts are created and managed in the FLASH Admin portal. The Membership module is not available as a Monthly API, so if using a Monthly API the member accounts will be created in the FLASH Admin portal and the monthly accounts will be created in the integrated system. 

Continue here for Membership Account set up. 

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