FLASH PARCS: Monthly Pools

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Pools is a capacity management feature used to limit the number of vehicles a certain group (pool) of monthly accounts can park at one location (or logical zone) concurrently. Once the Pool capacity limit is reached, any additional parkers linked to the pool are denied entry access to the parking facility.

Pools Example

Company ABC has 50 employees and the parking administrator has distributed 50 access cards, one for

each employee, and linked all 50 employees to the same Pool. Per the tenant agreement the Company

ABC has with the facility, they are only allowed to utilize 40 parking spaces at one time, so their Pool limit

is set to 40. Once 40 employees have scanned into the facility, the 41st parker will be denied entry. 

Create a pool

To create a pool, follow the steps below.

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left menu, click Monthly and choose a location.

3. On the top menu, click Pools > Add New.

4. In the Pool Name field, enter a name for the Pool.

5. In the Pool Limit field, set the capacity limit.

6. Click Save.

Link a Pool to a Monthly Account

To link a pool to a monthly account, follow the steps below.

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left menu, click Monthly, then choose a location.

3. Find the Monthly Account in the listed accounts, or use the search option at the top. Click the account to open the account settings.

4. In the Pool dropdown, select a Pool.

5. Click Save.

Pool Capacity Per Logical Zone

Pool capacity limits can now be set per Logical Zone. A total pool capacity is entered and then specified limits can be set per Logical Zone.


A total Pool Limit = 50

LZ A= 10 (up to 10 parkers can parker in LZ A)

If LZ B and C fields are left blank, up to 40 parkers can park in LZ B and C in total



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